Principal's Message

St. Alphonsus School welcomes our families, both new and returning, into our educational community. Our whole staff looks forward to working with you throughout the school year. Our goal is to work cooperatively with our families to provide a safe, caring, respectful environment while keeping teaching and learning our primary focus. 

The philosophy of Catholic education maintains that the school, home and parish work together for the benefit of the student. Parental involvement is essential if students are to be socially, academically and spiritually successful. We hope that it is a year full of new experiences, positive relationships, and of course, learning. We also hope that throughout this year that all students maintain a positive attitude, clear perspective and work hard to attain personal and academic goals.  

May the school year be successful, with many positive student achievements, and may God bless all of us in all that we do. Thank you for journeying with us!

Tanya Bartram, Principal