ThoughtExhcange for St. Francis/Notre Dame Changes

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ThoughtExhcange for St. Francis/Notre Dame Changes

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

The Calgary Catholic School District, recently completed its modernization of St. Francis High School. Simultaneously, Notre Dame High school continues to be extremely highly utilized and is expected to experience further enrolment growth for the foreseeable future. A solution is required to sustainably balance the populations between these two high schools.  

Decisions regarding any change to Attendance Areas will not impact students currently attending Notre Dame  or St. Francis High School. This ThoughtExchange is intended to solicit feedback relative to future attendees at both schools. 

In this conversation you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts, then consider and rate the thoughts of others. Please remember to check back in to rate new thoughts and explore the results. To access the ThoughtExchange and provide us with your input or review and rate the thoughts of others, click the following link: 

The exchange will be open until the end of the day on Monday, February 1 . 
Thank you for taking the time to share what is important to you. 

Deana Helton
Area Director